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Sailboat Long Distance – Sailing Charters
Coral Bay, St John VI


Sailboat Long Distance will be available November thru June.

New Owners Gary and Deedra York

Gary and Deedra York owner/operator of a 40 foot Pearson sailing vessel located in coral Bay. Magnificent sails to beautiful places. Long-distance is the only sailing charter permitted to snorkel the Pristine National Monument, hurricane hole. Snorkeling the mangroves is a truly unique experience. Come join Gary and Deedra for a family fun experience!


See occasional dolphin and look for humpback whales Jan. to April

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Pay for six and rent the whole boat (with captain and crew) for romantic sails for two, special occasions, weddings, anniversaries, vow renewals and memorials or just because you don’t want to sail with strangers! Trips with Gary and Deedra include guided snorkeling in beautiful places, family oriented.

Charter Sailboat Long Distance

After sailing to a secluded cove or island with unspoiled coral reefs, Gary, your captain, prepares food and beverages; while Deedra, a registered nurse, snorkels with the guests. Back on the boat we have many resource books to identify what you have seen.


S/V Long Distance carries six passengers and everyone has a comfortable seat in the shade, or guests may sit in the sun on our spacious deck. We also have a private head and easy boarding ladder.

Charter boat Long Distance

We no longer do BVI day sails (passports required) because clearing customs in both countries can take up to 2 hours out of your day. BVI destinations like Jost, the Baths and Caves have become crowded with tour boats and cruise ships.

We prefer quiet places around St John with better snorkeling, no crowds and no passports required!

Clearing Customs in both countries (due to Homeland Security) can take up to two hours out of your day. In 2007, passports became required for the BVI. So take a ferry to Tortola, Virgin Gorda or Jost Van Dyke (very affordable), or a motor sail or power tour boat to the BVI and sail with us another day!

Favorite places: Newfound Bay, Flanagan Island, Long Point, Pelican Rock and Hurricane Hole.


Trips include guided snorkeling and educational information.
Choose from:
PER PERSON SNORKEL/SAILS with other guests (2-6 persons total),
PRIVATE SAILS UPON REQUEST. Email for more information.

1- MORNING/AFTERNOON SAIL, 1/2 day 3 hours, Snorkel, swim or relax on the boat. $90 per person. One beautiful guided snorkel stop with stunning views of St. John and nearby British Virgin Islands. Includes snorkel gear & flotation. Bring towels and gear (if you have).

2- MORNING/AFTERNOON/SUNSET SAIL 4 hours. Snorkel, swim or relax on the boat. $110 per person. One beautiful guided snorkel stop with stunning views of St. John and nearby British Virgin Islands. Includes snorkel gear & flotation. Bring towels and gear (if you have).

3-FULL DAY SAIL WITH PICNIC LUNCH, Snorkel, swim or relax on the boat. $140 per person, or rent the whole boat for $720. 9:15am to 4:30pm. Two beautiful guided snorkel stops with stunning views of St. John and nearby British Islands. Includes includes lunch with beverages, BYOB, and snorkel gear & flotation. Bring towels and gear (if you have).

Large groups may rent the whole boat for the day, with some guests sailing in the morning and some sailing in the afternoon. Our license/insurance is for six passengers on the boat at one time.

Reservations on S/V Long Distance are made by E-Mail. Please book 4 weeks in advance for special dates or busy holiday weeks. If you sail with Gary and Deedra at the beginning of your trip, we will inform you of best beaches, hiking, restaurants, shopping and music venues to enhance your stay!

We want to provide an unforgettable experience. Please let us know about birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, vow renewals and other special occasions.

Personal checks, travelers checks, or cash on the boat. An advanced deposit of 50% is requested upon reservation (refundable for weather) and may be mailed first class U.S. mail to:

S/V Long Distance
ST JOHN VI 00830-9587

Bring towel, sunblock SPF 30+, sunglasses and snorkel gear if you have it for best fit. We have gear on the boat and Crabby’s Watersports in Coral Bay rents gear by the week. We sell hats, T-shirts and koozies. 

For those who get motion sick by land or sea, we recommend Sea Bands and generic Meclizine, an over the counter anti-nausea remedy (trade names New Less Drowsy Dramamine and Bonine for ages 12 to adult) and Pediatric Dramamine for children under 12. Eat a good breakfast and take it early as directed at least two hours before the sail. (You may also take it the night before as well.) Ginger helps but isn’t a cure all. 

All our sail trips leave from Coral Bay, St. John, the country side of the island. Gary will meet our guests at the concrete dock behind the yellow Coral Bay fire station. Parking is at the Skinny Legs Complex near the dock.

The Virgin Islands have the world’s best sailing weather. Our tradewinds are easterly. They tend to be north of east in the winter (15-20 knots) and south of east in the summer (10-15 knots).

Our normal sunny day here is 30 percent chance of rain which usually occurs during the late night and early morning hours. Our weather comes from Africa, east to west (opposite of the states). Weather forecasts mostly describe Puerto Rico (70 miles to the west), not St John. Puerto Rico has mountainous rain forests and Coral Bay, St John has cactus! (noticeably less rainfall).
Our boat is solar powered with five solar panels and our batteries are usually fully charged from the morning sun by 10 am. On the boat we apply our sunblock (50+) early and always wear a snorkel shirt!

In the winter, the north shore of St John is exposed to north swells from the Atlantic Ocean. So if the north shore beaches are rough (Hawksnest to Francis Bay), then come visit us in Coral Bay on the Caribbean Sea side of the island. Calmer and warmer Caribbean waters will then be found off the East End and south shore (Salt Pond Bay).

We hope this has answered some of your questions. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to sailing with you!

Gary and Deedra

Charter Sailboat Long Distance

Sailboat Long Distance, a Pearson 40′
Coral Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands