Beach Weddings on St John

Information for your St. John Virgin Islands vacation. Offering information on an important phone number, places of worship, banking, where to send your postcards, Western Union and starting with Island Manners.

Island Manners Information

Before you talk business greet everyone with a ” Hello, how are you?”, “Good Morning”, “Good Evening” or “Good Day”. This is the local custom and locals and residents of St. John appreciates being greeted before questions are asked.

Another important thing to know is it is frowned upon to wear beach attire in town. Be discreet and cover-up. Beachwear is for the beach not in town.

Be aware that residents may be trying to get to work on time so when stopping to enjoy the scenery or get that picture of the donkey please pull over so others can go on their way. Know that around any corner there could be a cow, goat or car stopped taking pictures or driving on the right by mistake. If you expect it that helps. Think LEFT.

Information – Important Phone Numbers

Alcoholics Anonymous (340) 776-5283
Clinic (340) 776-6400
Emergency: 911
Correct Time: 929
Directory Assistance: 913
National Park Service (340) 776-6201
VI Dept.Tourism’s Visitors Bureau (800)372-8784
Tourist Info. St. John: (340) 776-6450
Dial-A-Ride: (340) 776 1277

Medical Services

Emergency 911
Cruz Bay Family Practice (340) 776-6789
Morris F. DeCastro Clinic ~
Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center: (340) 693-8900, Cruz Bay, next to the park
24 hr emergency, outpatient medical facility. Appts: 8 AM – 8 PM, Walk-ins accepted.
Hospital, St. Thomas: 160 beds, decompression chamber, 24 hr emergency (340) 776-8311

Pharmacy-Chelsea Drugstore
(340) 778-4888, The Marketplace, Cruz Bay,
full-service pharmacy

Hurricane Guide
What You Need to Know

Passport and Visa Information

Click for New Passport Information

It is highly recommended for US Citizens to bring along their passport when traveling to the US Virgin Islands. Although not officially required to show one on the flight down you will be required on your return trip to provide evidence of citizenship by showing a passport, an enhanced driver’s license, birth certificate or voters registration card along with a picture ID.

Non-US citizens but permanent residents need a certificate of alien registration or green card on leaving the territory.

If you are planning to make a day trip to the British Virgin Islands definitely bring your passports. They will not let you in without it.

Citizens of other countries should carry whatever the US Travel regulations request. Where no visa is necessary to have your passport and the green I-94. If a visa is required then bring the white I-94 and your passport.

US Immigration and Naturalization Service office: (340) 774-4279

Information on Places of Worship

Bahai’s National Spiritual Assembly
(340) 776 6254

Bethany Moravian Church
(340) 776 6291

Christian Science Society of St. John
(340) 776 6273

Cruz Bay Baptist Church
(340) 776 6315

Cruz Bay Seventh Day Adventist
(340) 779 4477

Emmaus Moravian Church, Coral Bay
(340) 776 6713

Jehovah’s Witness
Nazareth Lutheran Church
(340) 776 6731

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Mission
(340) 776 6339

St. John Missionary Baptist Church
(340) 693 8884

St. Ursula’s Anglican Church
(340) 693 8580

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
(340) 998-9269

United Methodist Church
(340) 693 8830

Banking and Western Union Information

Western Union Money Orders & Money Wire Transfers
Connections – Cruz Bay (340) 776-6922
Notary Public: Connections, Cruz Bay (340) 776-6922,
DMV Building and the Scandic Offices upper Mongoose Junction

First Bank
Center of Cruz Bay
Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 4:00
Closed weekends & holidays
(340)776 6881

Information on Postal Services on St John VI

US Post Office
Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 12:00, 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Connections Cruz Bay and Coral Bay

Connections St John in Cruz Bay
Postage & Mailing Service (340) 776-6922
Mon. – Sat.: 9:30 AM – 5:30 AM

Connections St John East in Coral Bay
Postage & Mailing Services (340) 779-4994
Mon. – Fri.: 9:30 AM – 5:30 AM; Sat: 9:30 – 1:30